Best Airsoft Guns 2017

Finding the best Airsoft guns on the market can result in hard and heavy work, especially if you do not what you are looking for exactly yet, that is why it is important paying attention to certain characteristics before jump into the market and buy your best Airsoft gun. Do you want to know which the best weapons in the market are? Well, keep reading!

Airsoft is an excellent way to leave home, to meet new people, and of course shooting at them; sure, only inside the battle field. If you are not familiarized with this sport, you are probable wondering how to start and how to choose a weapon to play your first matches, because of that we have prepared this Airsoft guide for you.

Are you prepared? Well, let us go there!

Comparative of ten of the best Airsoft weapons of 2017

What is an Airsoft weapon?

An Airsoft weapon is a replica of a real gun, but it uses projectiles made with plastic that have a speed somewhere 100 to 650 feet, they are quite alike to real weapons and in order to differentiate them you normally will do it looking at the cannon of the gun, which usually  has a orange color to see in a clear way it is not real, you will find Airsoft weapons of great quality that try to imitate weight, dimensions and esthetics of their real models, these types of weapons are recommended if you want to play Airsoft living the best experience possible, you will find all types of different weapons, from automatic rifles to play at short distance to sniper rifles that allow you to end your enemy at far distance.

Do you want to become the owner of the battlefield?

Better weapons to play Airsoft

Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle

The Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 is a special Airsoft rifle, being part of the historical weapons of the ultimate collection, having all genuine trademarks and celebrating sixty years of the AK47´s first release.  Because of that, the Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 has all requirements for a great battle, with specific rails to put optics and other accessories in an easy way, for you to improve in the field.

Now, in relation to specifications this rifle is built in with a 1200 mah battery, along with the capacity to shoot 600 rounds per minute, reaching the speed of 380 FPS and allowing fully automatic firing.

BBTac M83 Full Auto Electric Power LPEG Airsoft Gun with Warranty

The BBTac M83 is an entry level electric rifle for Airsoft, but being a low end weapon does not mean it is a bad product, in fact is quite a good rifle to start your battle since it has everything you need in the field. For example, the M83 includes 6 magazines along with forty rounds; it can reach the speed of 280 FPS and includes a 7.2V battery with included charger, giving great capacity.

Along with that, the BBtac M83 also includes accessories with its purchase, such as a flashlight, red dot scope, sling and a barrel extension. Therefore, it is one of the best rifles to start Airsoft.

Soft Air Thompson M1A1 Full-Metal Body AEG Airsoft gun

The Soft Air Thompson M1A1 is the exact replica of this model, having even laser engraved all trademarks and unique serial numbers for ultimate realism. Now, in terms of specifications the Thompson M1A1 is a powerful weapon for Airsoft, being capable of reaching 400 FPS in speed and fire 14 rounds per second on automatic mode, although semi-automatic mode is available

Also, the Thompson M1A1 is built in with a 7.1V 1100 mah battery and it belongs to the historical collection of weapons, being a 1 to 1 model in scale of the original rifle and constructed in full metal for a better replica.

Colt 100Th Anniversary 1911 Co2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol, 6mm

The Colt 100Th Anniversary edition is a full metal handgun that feels insanely real, since it is a one to one replica of the original model. Now, in terms of features this Colt functions with CO2 mechanism, not requiring batteries or anything like that. In the same way, this handgun can shoot with a 344 FPS speed, which is impressive for a small weapon using 0.20 gram paint balls.

Also, the Colt 100Th Anniversary is semi- automatic and quite precise at close range, being the perfect handgun to equip as secondary gear, along with a few other magazines and balls to carry around supporting it.

Soft Air Thompson 1928 AEG Airsoft Gun

The Thompson 1928 AEG is part of the historical weapons built as exact replicas to be used in Airsoft, having one to one weight and size in design and made in full metal for more realism. Like this, the Thompson 1928 feels quite real and it is very powerful too, allowing shooting rounds at a 426 FPS speed in fully automatic mode, although it can be changed to semi-automatic mode.

Also, the Thompson 1928 is built in with a big battery and includes a charger, so you always be ready to face am Airsoft battle, being this weapon the perfect rifle to use.

Shopping guide of the best Airsoft weapons

Which are the types of weapons in Airsoft?

Inside the different weapons you can find in Airsoft (guns, machine guns, shotguns, etc) you have to consider their type, since every one of them have their advantages and inconvenient, although all of them fire rounded projectiles, depending on the weight of these projectiles precision will be better, since they will deviate less with the wind, if along with weight we consider shooting speed, these will be one of the main characteristics to know if our weapon will have good precision, or it will fail more than a  fair shotgun.

There are three different types of weapons for Airsoft

  • Spring weapons.
  • Gas weapons.
  • Electric weapons.

Spring weapons

These are the most common replicas, they are about guns with springs and being used frequently when people is starting their first Airsoft matches, their mechanism is simple, reliable and precise, so it is more easy for people who begins, the best precision rifle replicas (sniper) are the ones with springs, however, to make every shot you must cock the gun, so you fire ratio will be low due to reload times.

Gas weapons

They were the first replicas developed in the 70´s, although many replicas have been substituted with electric weapons, their advantages are automatic and semiautomatic shooting, projectile speed and because they are quite realistic.

These types of weapons required more maintenance, their performance will depend big time on time and temperature; more the hit speed will be increased.

Electric weapons

They are the most common weapon replicas on Airsoft battle fields; their functioning is based on the using of an electric motor, which moves some gears to push the piston and release it, having a higher shooting frequency than spring weapons, and you can choose between semiautomatic firing (shoot to shoot) or automatic (fast firing)

Is it important for your Airsoft weapon to have good quality?

In this sport you will find a bunch of weapons at low prices, these types of costs are tempting, being quite cheap but once we are on the battle field and test our weapon we will realize of the mistake we have done, as the saying “cheap goes expensive” and in Airsoft is very important to have a weapon of quality, in order to be competitive on the battle field and not a clear shot.

A weapon of quality means more reach, precision, and especially that the gun stays stuck less times, these factors will make you having great advantage facing enemies who prefer for “low cost” versions, without knowing their disadvantages, although it is quite probable on the battle field you find enemies who play with weapons of greater quality.

Will you win a Formula 1 race with a FIAT? Airsoft is the same; if you want to win more battles you will need a weapon at the reach of your expectations.

Recommendations to choose the best Airsoft weapon

When you are looking to buy a quality weapon to compete on the battle field giving the best of you, there is the need for you to look out some important characteristics that we tell you next.

Shooting speed (FPS)

If your gun has a low shooting speed will allow to rival skip it at long distance, or maybe they not even perceive they have been hit getting the target, more the shooting speed having your weapon the better, most of the battle fields frequently put a FPS top to use, in order to avoid injuries.

Weapon precision

To be the best during the match you are going to need a precise weapon, precision normally is determined on quality and weight of the paint ball, along with speed of your shooting, the more shooting speed more reach you will have, but if the balls do not weight enough air will make them to deviate, you have to take into account distance at the time of your shoot, so if you like to play in long distances I recommend you a precision peephole on your gun, which will help you to adjust shooting much better.

Weapon materials

Gear materials of your weapon are quite important to have the best Airsoft guns, and you can find plastic gears but these will function properly only for a while, until they start to loose or friction make the weapon not functioning correctly, if you are looking for a long duration weapon we recommend you to choose metallic gears, only.

Field where you play the match

It is very important to know the field where you play every match, when you start this sport surely it is going to like you so much that becomes in your hobby, this will make you to begin having a bigger and bigger Airsoft collection weapons to play with.

Depending on the field you should use one or the other, at short distances you will need more rapid firing weapons and guns easy to handle, instead if you are going to use long distances you will have to utilize weapons that are quite heavier but these are far more precise. If you want to play on small fields we recommend you SMG weapons, while if you are going to play on places where you will need more precision and FPS rifles are your best option.

Additional accessories

Another thing you should consider is if your weapon can have additional accessories, according you keep advancing on Airsoft world you would want to use determined peephole types, laser aimers, etc.

Advices to buy your Airsoft weapon

  • The price of a good Airsoft weapon is somewhere 100$ to 600$
  • Airsoft weapons are replicas of military armament that are used by soldiers on armies.
  • In some states and countries being the owner of a Airsoft weapon is forbidden, it can be considered a crime.
  • You will find different types of weapons; the most outstanding ones are rifles, handguns, and shotguns.
  • You must be careful and be responsible with your Airsoft weapon, since the projectile is made of plastic and depending on the speed it can cause severe damage.
  • Do not ever leave your Airsoft weapons at the reach of children

Functioning of Airsoft weapons

Nowadays, the most common replicas are the electric ones, this type of weapons are known as AEG and function through a mechanism box recognized as Gearbox; this box moves a motor that is powered by an electric battery, in this way the spring tenses and when is released injects air under pressure in the chamber with a piston and a cylinder. Normally electric weapons do not have a blowback system, but they are quite more comfortable to use and reload, beside the battery has a long shooting duration.

Do they hurt when they impact?

Airsoft pistols shoot plastic round balls but you must be careful with them, since that depending on the weapon and power of it the shoot can produce quite damage, never leave them close to children , on the battle field you should not worry, normally shooting speed is limited to avoid any type of injury.

Which is the price of a good Airsoft weapon?

The best Airsoft guns usually cost more than 100$, if the gun you are looking for has a lower price keep in mind that is quite probable its quality can be worse, causing the weapon to be slow, imprecise, it get stuck often or simply stop working before time, on this sport the quality of the equipment to play is very important, if not you are always going to be at disadvantage in comparison to other players, if you are beginning and cannot afford a quality weapon you can try models under 100$, to acquire more practice, but once you handle better the battle field you will need a better weapon to obtain better results.

Here we show you a review of the best guns you can find under that price, we hope it helps you and you can enjoy the sport at its fullest.

The top 5 Airsoft weapons under 100$.


We hope this shopping guide has helped you choosing the best Airsoft weapon you can find on the market, and it has cleared out all your doubts and especially makes you enjoy of the game as much as we do. Airsoft is becoming every day in a more popular sport, so we are sure you will enjoy this hobby as the funniest, and remember that always you want know more about Airsoft you can visit this web.

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