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An Airsoft game is without a doubt one of the best ways to spend the weekend, according you advance in your Airsoft experience you realize that it is not just about a gun a plastic balls, but gear and accessories to support you are also important.

That is why, in 21stCenturyAirsoft we have gathered for you everything you need to know to have the best Airsoft gear, and in this way you can count on with the best accessories to enjoy your hobby at maximum and squeeze all fun out of it.

Would you like to know, which are the required Airsoft accessories you should have in your equipment?

Airsoft security equipment

The security equipment is a fundamental part of every match if you do not want to get home full of bruises, since paint balls are made with plastic but due to the strength of the Airsoft weapons on impact, these cause pain and higher the permitted shooting speed on the match, more it will be the damage of these paint balls, so it is advisable that you always stay protected to enjoy every game at the fullest without damaging your health.

Airsoft Masks

Airsoft Masks are a fundamental piece in your equipment to have the best Airsoft gear; since they allow you to cover your face from shooting during the matches and will avoid that you get home with marked face, besides they will cover some of the most sensitive, important and painful that we have, as our eyes, nose and mouth, being important to carry a proper security equipment while you are enjoying your Airsoft game.

Airsoft Vests

The vest in an Airsoft match is a very important element, since it helps us to carry all elements and it allows you to stop ball impacts on the upper part of your body, although balls are made of plastic, remember that they are quite painful when impact and causing bruises, it is better for you to be safe with a proper vest and avoid all kinds of physical damage to enjoy the match at its fullest.

Airsoft Helmets

Without a doubt, the helmet is one of those great forgotten inside the Airsoft equipment from any player, since caps are more common, however, all Airsoft protections have a lot of sense, although most of the times they are used because of esthetics, besides protecting us against the sun and absorbing sweet it becomes a camouflage tactical ally, you should know the head is one of the most exposed parts in Airsoft and a ball impact from near distance hurts, and a lot.

Airsoft Gloves

Necessary to protect your hands, they are one of the most important parts since we are going to use them during the match; any impact on the finger or hand can leave you sore during the rest of the game and one good pair of gloves will minimize damage quite much.

Airsoft Glasses

One of the most important parts you have to care when you are playing Airsoft are the eyes; being a very fragile part and given the speeds reached by paint balls through the battle field, they can damage your eyes severely, there are a lot of types of protections for the eyes, one of the most used are the glasses that allow you to cover from ball going the wrong way.

Airsoft Kneepads and Elbow Pads

There are people who do not use these elements considering them excessive, the truth is that besides protection given on our articulations, they are of great help to kneel down and crawl through the battle field, allowing risking more and getting mayor stability.

Airsoft Boots

The star Airsoft complement; some great military boots are vital to protect your feet, besides facilitating transpiration and making you secure against fool injuries as sprains, due to slips during the game, shoes always must be the best of the best, being always recommendable to choose boots because of their resistance and durability, being part of the best Airsoft gear you can get..

Airsoft Accessories


A perfect element for games with low lights, being at night or in closed places where you have limited vision, a lot of these flashlights can be attached to the gun or helmet.

Back Packs

An ideal accessory to transport all your equipment from the game especially on large maps, remember that during a match you are going to need to hydrate, accessories to support your gun. Etc.


Perfect for all of those who use sniper rifles or big machine guns; bipods will allow you to have a lot more precision during the match.

Gun Covers

You must carry your secondary gun always at hand in case you need to use it on complicated situations along the match, which is why gun covers will allow you to have it quite close and accessible the whole time.

Radios and Walkie Talkies

Communication with your team is imperative to conquer the battle, the use of radios and walkie talkies will add that strategy point we like so much to lovers of this sport.


If you want to record your Airsoft match, the most recommended thing is the use of video cameras attached to the helmet, in order to record everything happening on first person.

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