What about Airsoft?

Airsoft is a strategy game based on military simulations, where individuals or teams fight each other on closed arenas or open fields, in order to win by achieving concrete conditions or simply by staying alive longer than the rest. In so, to fight all participants use weapon imitations or replicas, being the bullet some kind of biodegradable colored ball that is also called paint ball.

In details, Airsoft is a well detailed military simulation on the field; this means that arenas are prepared on having elements as walls, bunkers, trenches, towers, vehicles, traps, and others to increase realism in comparison to real war fields. In fact, there is a game mode that recreates war events in a precise way.

In another way, because of the use of low powered bullet as paint balls, all members included in the game must have specialized protection; in terms of eyes, mouth, chess, back and legs. Therefore, the use of equipment is mandatory; such as masks, helmets, vests, and other elements to protect the integrity of participants as priority.

Now, being a strategic simulation there are several game modes, along with different match types and other characteristics and features Airsoft has, in order to recreate more real life fighting fields and wars, being also chains of command and military hierarchy.

Types of weapons in Airsoft

In Airsoft there are six types of weapons; being guns, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, machine guns, shooter rifle, and snipers. Also, there are grenades and bombs.

Airsoft guns

There are different types of hand guns related to Airsoft, being almost every known or famous model out there such as Berettas, Desert Eagles and others, because they are replicas with paint ball mechanisms inside. Nevertheless, one of the most common models on hand guns for Airsoft is the AEG.


Being Airsoft a strategic military game of simulation, obviously there are included elements to use that are involved in real warfare, such as weapons and guns. So, let us talk to you about pistols and common hand guns to use in Aircraft, as the preferred weapons of support on fight; because of their fast response, light weight, precise shooting range, and rapid reload.

To begin with, there are three types of pistols available on Airsoft, using different technologies inside to shoot the paint balls; CO2, Gas, and Electric Pistols. Nevertheless, the most common are the ones using Gas and CO2, as main shooting mechanism.

For instance, there is the Glock 23 built by KJ works; using Gas technology and a complete ABS and metal body, weighting only 730 grams and a 20 ball charger. On the other hand, there is the CO2 Colt 1911 made by Cybergun and constructed on polymer, with a weight of 580 grams and a 13 ball charger.


When it comes to Airsoft, rifles are the principal weapon for all players in the field, excepting snipers by obvious reasons. Since, they are perfect to shoot on sight at a short or medium distance with great precision, along with high ammunition capacity thanks to rifles? chargers. In the same way, as pistols and hand guns rifles used shooting mechanisms as electric, Gas, and CO2.

Of course, every shooting mechanism has its own features, but electric is the one recommended because of cost. For example, there is the electric rifle GR4 G26 made by G&G in forced polymer, weighting 2,4 kilograms and capable of holding 300 rounds on its charger.

Also, there is the CG 001 M4 built by Amoeba, built with a shorter canon to ensure precision, with 2.1 kilograms on weight, constructed with ABS and metal, and a 300 round charger, being a perfect balanced rifle to use on fights.

Another famous model of rifle is Kalashnikov, we recommend you pay attention to the review of best airsoft AK 2018.


I relation to Airsoft, there are different types of weapons and guns players can use to imitate battles, such as pistols, hand guns, rifles, and snipers. However, there are also shotguns available that can be used, especially when you want to hit as many enemies as possible in a short distance range. Like this, it results easy to defend yourself if you are being exceeded in number.

Now, related to great shotgun models we have the M870 manufactured by CYMA; having a three shot system that allows it to shot three balls in one shot, weighting only 1.2 kilograms and easy to carry.


Maybe Airsoft is a game intended to use shoot power and the use of military weapons and armament, in order to imitate real warfare. Nonetheless, sometimes you want to get closer and have a more personal fight, whether you like it or because you ran out of bullets; being great knives available for it, as a the most personal weapon of all and requiring more than skills.

For instance, we recommend you the G-Force Combat Rubber Knife, as a hand weapon in colored black and with a rubber blade with almost 9 inch in size, being the perfect imitation of a military knife.

Airsoft Gear

Airsoft equipment is very important and mandatory on every arena or simulation game, requiring proper and specialized helmets, vests and masks.

Airsoft masks

When it comes to Airsoft, security equipment is important and mandatory, being the mask one of the most imperative elements, since it protects eyes, mouth and face in general. So, when it comes to Airsoft masks there are plenty of types, some of them including goggles and visors, reticular, full, tactical, camouflage, and others. More details about best airsoft masks 2018, please see here.


As we know, Airsoft is the simulation of a military environment of battle, and being that a proper field is going to be required, in order to ensure the most recreational and real life experience as possible, addressing all matters related with space, places, divisions, trenches, shelters, and others. In this way, a great experience can be obtained by playing on appropriate fields.

Now, of course these proper fields must have some basic characteristics, such as right divisions to establish the territory of every team, along with stable ground and trenches to hide from enemies and snipers. Also, shelter tents are quite useful to stay cover when direct battles have not started.

In the same way, natural environment surroundings are great for Airsoft, giving players the opportunity to camouflage like would happen on real warfare, also giving them the chance to stay covered and hidden, along with other advantages involved.


Airsoft is a military game of simulation where actual strategic battles take place, by using weapons with Gas, CO2 and electric mechanisms to shoot paint balls, which can be quite harmful if players are not protected in the appropriate way. Therefore, Helmets are extremely important when it comes to security and safety, by protecting the eyes, nose, mouth, and other sensible areas.

Of course, being the first function of helmets to protect players from direct impacts to the face, there are also other secondary purposes helmets have, in relation to their hardware to improve battle and conditions of the users, giving them tactical advantages and style, too. For example, helmets can build in microphones, goggles, binoculars, extra-protections, among other things.

For instance, there is the PJ Tactical and Multifunctional helmet built by Atairsoft, with protection visor and weighing only 600 grams, resulting quite comfortable to use in any Airsoft arena or battle, giving integral protection.


When it comes to Airsoft, there is an important thing to address before anything else; being the safety and security, and considering that there is specialized and designed gear to protect players from any harm, so they can have a satisfactory, comfortable, and enjoyable experience on the fields, without getting worrying about security issues, injuries, or something of this nature.

Now, gear and equipment for Airsoft is integral and it is designed to protect every part of the body, being the head with proper helmets, kneepads and elbow pads, and gloves for the hands. Nevertheless, there is an important part of the body to protect; being the chest, as an exposed space of your humanity where harm can occur.

Because of that, Airsoft gear includes vests as an important piece of protection, taking care of the chest and other exposed areas in battle. Like this, players are secured and good to go, since these vests are designed to protect and also be useful when playing, by having special accessories and gun pockets.


Airsoft protective gear can be quite extensive, since there are many parts of the body that have to be safe and protected from any harm in battle, such as the head, eyes, mouth, chest, legs, arms, and others. Now, we also have to protect our hands, since we are carrying a gun all the time during the game, and there are conditions that have to be foreseen; such as irritation and cold.

So, for those reasons gloves are very important, giving us the chance to protect our hands from hurting or extreme situations in battle. Therefore, cotton or polymer gloves are recommended in games.


In Airsoft, there is primary gear to use in battle, such as guns and rifles to attack and protective equipment as helmets and vests, in order to stay safe during gaming. Nevertheless, there is also secondary gear to take into account, giving us as players plenty of advantages to win or certain helpful conditions. For example, Flashlights are great equipment to count in Airsoft.

Like this, we can have light when fighting over night or dark places. Of course, we are not going to use any flashlight; we need one little but powerful and easy to carry on with our gear.

Backpacks and cases

In relation to secondary gear in Airsoft, such as flashlights, cases, radios, cameras, extra-ammunition, goggles, binoculars and other useful equipment; we need proper backpacks to carry all of them around.

Because of that, there are backpacks specially designed to help us carry all we need in Airsoft, counting with the required space for all secondary gear, but resulting very comfortable at the same time, thanks to an appropriate design and pockets for everything we are going to use.

Since, if we do not use a proper backpack this definitely is going to affect our performance and survival in battle, when its purpose is the opposite.

Radios and cameras

Airsoft is a strategic and tactical military game of simulation; because of that not only weapons and security gear are required, but also we need specialized equipment as radios and cameras if we want to gain tactical advantage. Since, with radios we can communicate with our partners through distance on large fields, giving us the chance to anticipate attacks or prepare them.

Also, with cameras we can recognize enemy fields and hidden members of the other teams, especially if we are playing at night or in dark situations. Because of it, radios and cameras give real advantage to win, giving more realistic approach to warfare during the game, at the same time.


Also, electric weapons have to use batteries; being the way they stay charged to fire paint balls, becoming a great idea to have always an extra-battery to stay in combat, in case the first one dies. In the same way, there is always convenience on having big ammunition deposits, especially on rifles and submachine guns; having space to carry 300 rounds in most of the cases.

BBs ammunition

When we play Airsoft we use special ammo — ball bullet, or BBs.

There are balls with the different size, weight, material and colour. The standard is 6mm white plastic BBs, but they are very different in weight.

The most popular weight are:

  • 0.12g — for low-power AEG’s
  • 0.20g — the main standard for AEG’s
  • 0.28g — for sniper rifles and tuned rifles

Few words about colour. For sure the main standard is white BBs, but you can use other colours for different purposes. For example, green and black BBs are often used by snipers (harder to track their location). My favourite is tracer BBs because they glow in the dark — it’s ammunition for a night battle.


Being Airsoft a game where weapons are use to shoot enemies to simulate real warfare, targets result quite important to utilize, being the perfect tool to sharp our aiming skills and use them in battle to win. Therefore, practicing using targets is the best way to become the perfect shooter, being on the field already and giving us the chance to shoot them, or in training arenas.

In this way, targets are specifically use to cover some stages with different features and movements, along with increasing difficulty and rapidness. However, by training using these types of targets you would improve by far in no time.

Sights and Optics

In relation to Airsoft, maybe rifles and shotguns result imperative for every player, being the perfect weapons for direct facing in battle. Nevertheless, this game also makes use of snipers, in order to take advantage of distance and stealth to take down enemies. So, for that to be done sniper shooters are in the need to utilize special sights and optics to accomplish their goals.

So, these sights are designed to get their targets located at long distance, with precision and accuracy like they would function on real weapons. In this way, this optics can increase zoom, clear angles, show air speed, and other valuable information to the shooter.

Airsoft game modes

To begin, Airsoft is a strategy games based on the simulation or imitation of military situations and warfare confrontations, by the use of weapon replicas with paint balls as bullets, along with specialized protection equipment such as vests, helmets, and masks to cover sensible areas and avoid any type of harm and injuries during the game.

Now, being a strategic sport there are obviously diverse game modes and match types to select. For example, in first place we have team VS. team mode; as the most common one where two teams face each other until there is one man standing, or by the catching of the other?s team flag.

Continuing, we have the MilSim or military simulation; being the most challenging one and requiring some concrete real tactical and strategic conditions to win, such as disable explosive materials, getting to certain far away point, and others.

And last, we also have the Airsoft reenactment; being when players wants to recreate exactly real situations which took place in the pass, like the D Day from World War Two or battles related with Vietnam War, and other times and conflicts.

Also, inside game modes there are the match types; being the general condition to win the battles, such as last man standing, death match, domination, and operations; all of them having concrete features.

Roles in Airsoft

Being Airsoft a military simulation, the different members of the team take place on the field with different purposes, gear, and weapons, in order to achieve a more realistic game and because these roles are actually needed to win, giving tactical and strategic advantages to cover more territory and field. So, let us show you the most common roles related with Airsoft.

  • Rifleman: it is the most common role on the game, being the members who are good at close and middle range battle, using rifles and hand guns to defend proprietary objectives as flags and others. Also, riflemen can use shotguns, bombs, and other type of gear to accomplish their goals, always fighting in small or large groups of members.
  • Support: this type of role is integrated by special members with light machine guns, in order to keep out of line to the enemy team, by fire bursts and heavy shooting when they are close to proprietary objectives. In definition, support members have the same purpose that riflemen, but they count on with better weapons and greater amount of ammo.
  • Sniper: it is the role related distance and camouflage, when members of a team take place in a faraway place, and by using special rifles with sights and optics they can shoot and take down enemies, with great precision and very hard to spot in return. Usually, this type of role is used when fields are big enough to cover big distances.

Now, there are other roles involved in Airsoft, depending on the amount of players, field size, and other parameters. For example, there are doctors, selected shooters, explosive engineers, and chief leaders. In fact, on tournaments and formal battles there are chains of command to follow, in relation to experience, role, and general hierarchy, as it would be on real military field of combat.